VirtualARTS Visual Arts

VirutalARTS Visual Art program provides students with the opportunity to have their works of arts showcased in a virtual art gallery.  The VirtualARTS Art Galley is updated yearly and displays our students greatest works.  Visit them all by just a click!

VirtualART Gallery 2012-2013

VirtualART Gallery 2013-2014

VirtualART Gallery 2014-2015
VirtualART Gallery 2015-2016

How to walk:
You may use your arrow keys, or by holding down your left mouse button and moving you pointer in the direction you want to move.

How to view a specific piece:
To view any specific piece of art just click once to manuever in front of the work.  Click a second time to learn who's the artist, his/her grade, school, and further insight into the artist creation.

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